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Super Vagina, Minion of the Mighty Goddess Sekhmet, defender of women,and mother of Hybrid Baby Hilldie. Super Vagina is notified of a woman in distress by a tingling in her vagina. She then yells, "Oh Mighty Sekhmet!" and is transformed into a feminist, new age Super Hero! She kicks the asses of irresponsible and stupid men, and sometimes women too. Like that irritating hippie girl at the co-op!!

Sorry, but the first issue is out of print.
The second great issue of Super Vagina is still for sale.
The third issue of Super Vagina is for sale here at The Trollop Hut!

The original Super Vagina painting
Super Vagina and the Unicorn
Me as Super Vagina firing my tampon stun gun!

Super Vagina's alien-hybrid daughter Hilldie

Hilldie all grown up

Super Vagina doll on tour in Australia (photo by my sister Erica)

Super Vagina's family.

Anatomy of Super Vagina
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